Here is my Mexico travel vlog! This was such an amazing expierence & it was even better that I was with my dear family. So glad I was able to capture some of our moments, and that I can share it with all of you. ❤ 
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Aquí está mi viaje de México vlog! Esto era tan increíble y era mejor que estaba con mi querida familia. Me alegro mucho de podi captar algunos de nuestros momentos, y que puedo compartirlo con todos ustedes. ❤
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Hello my sweet friends & Happy New Year! I am a little late on posting this video, only because the holiday season is sooooo hectic! This Vlog is on my recent road trip down Northern California with my best gal, also known as my cousin Celena. ❤ 
It was the perfect way to end 2016, the morning after my last finals we got up early and adventured our hearts out for the weekend. It was so much fun filming, I hope you guys enjoy it! Subscribe if you’d like to see more videos! xoxo 
Hola y Feliz Año Nuevo! Estoy un poco tarde en la publicación de este video, sólo porque la temporada de vacaciones es tan agitada! Este Vlog es de mi reciente viaje por el norte de California con mi mejor chica, también conocida como mi prima Celena. ❤

Fue la manera perfecta de terminar 2016, la mañana después de mi última final nos levantamos temprano y aventuramos nuestros corazones para el fin de semana. Fue tan divertido filmar, espero que les guste! ¡Suscríbete si quieres ver más videos! Xoxo



Hey friends! I’m so to excited to share with you my first Lookbook. California doesn’t really get seasons, so this a “California Fall Lookbook” haha that’s why I was able to incorporate some dresses and light jackets. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, and let me know if you guys would like to see more videos. HUGS! 
¡Hola amigos! Estoy tan emocionada compartir con ustedes mi primer Lookbook. California realmente no tiene estaciones, so es un “California Fall Lookbook” jaja, por eso es que  pude incorporar algunos vestidos y chaquetas ligeras. No se olvide de suscribirse a mi canal de youtube, y déjame saber si les gustaría ver más videos. ABRAZOS!

Video Credits: Tyrone Gilmer ❤


I decided to make a blog about how I get my hair so big, since I get so frequently asked about it! I’ve alwaaaaayyss been one for big hair, Bratz dolls defenitely had an influence on me as a child haha. I naturally have a lot of hair, and it wasn’t always cooperative, but as I got older I learned how to manage it. So here are a few tips I’ve picked up on curls & volume. 🙂 
Curling hair
1. Always make sure hair is completely dry, air dried is best. Only because your natural fluff/frizz will come out & it’s less damaging. 
2. Start the curl at the root of your head. This will create volume up top, and once the day goes on the curls WILL fall so this will also help keep curls all day. 
3. Grab smaller sections of hair rather than big sections. Grabbing smaller pieces will create a more effective,bouncy curl.
4. Always use a heat protectant, but do not over use because that could cause oily hair, which causes flat hair. 
5. For big curls a wand works best, a regular curling iron gives soft, beachy waves. 
Creating Volume

1. Go to sleep with hair lifted above your pillow, or in a loose top knot. 
2. Use conditioner only on the very ends of your hair.
3. Create your part on the opposite side of your normal part, this creates instant volume at the crown.
4. Dying your hair definitely has its down sides but there are also benefits! Bleach changes the texture of your hair, and adds body! 
5. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Water is seriously life, and good for literally everything. In this case water hydrates your scalp which prevents breakage and shedding, which means more hair which means vollluummeee! (P.s. The trick is to drink enough water throughout the day, that your pee is clear 🙂
Editing Credits : Tyrone Gilmer