“Will this be when he finally pops the question?” has been a frequent thought of mine all year. Well at least every time a semi romantic moment seemed to arise. My boyfriend, and I had begun talking about marriage a year into our relationship. When you know, you just know. I never really understood that until I met him. One thing I’ve learned while navigating my way into my 20’s is that, dating to just date isn’t all that fun. Your time is valuable, and should be spent with people you truly enjoy. Two years after the magical night we met, and WE’RE ENGAGED!

I met Rodrigo unexpectedly. It was a summer night in New York city. It was the year I turned 21, and on a whim I headed to the big apple with my best friend. I won’t say it was love at first sight when I first saw him, but It was pretty darn close to it. The following years we carried on a bicoastal romance. Falling in love with nothing but each other’s voices.

There were times I was afraid, and the sound of his voice felt like a hug, assuring me that everything was going to be okay. One night I was walking to my car late at night. and he said “call me on face time and face the camera behind you. I’ve got your back.” So when people ask, “Is long distance hard?” with pity in their words, my answer is always, “no it’s pretty amazing.” The fact that someone can make you feel so secure, and so loved, while being so far away. Imagine the feeling when they’re actually near.

On one of my most recent visits to see Rodrigo, he popped the big question! I had a feeling he would ask, but on my last day there he had still not said a n y t h i n g. All hope was lost when he dropped me off at JFK airport. I was about to board my flight, when suddenly the airline clerks began telling me there was an issue with my ticket, and I could not board yet. I was getting nervous. Then miraculously my ticket was fixed, and the airline clerk insisted on escorting me onto my flight. Right when I boarded I felt a tug, and there he was, the love of my life.

“What are you doing here?!” I exclaimed.

“Can I go to back to San Diego with you?” he replied.

“What are you doing here?!” I repeated.

That’s when he got down one knee, in the very thing that has always connected us, airplanes.

The moment he asked me to marry him on Delta flight 961 ❤️

Colombia Travel Guide

Hi friends! ❤ I just got back from an amazing Summer trip to the beautiful country of Colombia. It was my second time visiting, and I fell even more in love the second time around. I toured the cities of Bogota, and Cartagena. I could honestly say this one my absolute, favorite trips. The people, and the culture were truly the highlight. Can’t wait to go back! I miss it already.

Tips from the locals:

  • The country name is Colombia, not Columbia.
  • Outside of tourist locations, do not consistently have your phone out, it increases the chances of someone robbing you.
  • Do bargain with street vendors, it is common in their culture.
  • English courses are required in Colombian schools, so you’ll be able to get by if you do not speak Spanish.

Tips from an outsider (me):

  • Have fun, and don’t be afraid to explore! Being open, and respectful to other’s cultures is the best thing you go do while being abroad.
  • It’s always Spring in Bogota, so pack a jacket if you plan on visiting.
  • It’s always Summer in Cartagena meaning every day is over 90 degrees in Fahrenheit. So pack all your swim suits, and crop tops!

B O G O T A , CO

This is the capital of Colombia, so it’s mainly business. However, they still have tons of sights to see!


These cobble stone streets, and brightly colored houses are located in downtown Bogota. Candelaria is the historic center of the capital, serving as the origin of the city, and was built in 1538! I spent hours roaming these streets. I’m a New Yorker at heart, so I felt right at home, and yes I did it in high heeled boots. 🙂

Plaza de Simon Bolivar is within Candelaria. The Plaza is named after one of the revolutionaries that freed the Colombian people from Spain. One thing I took note of while on my trip, was that all throughout the country their freedom was broadcasted. The people themselves although distinct from one another were all unified, and identified as one. It was a beautiful thing, and I hope one day the U.S. could follow in their steps.


Okay now Cartagena was where I really fell in loooovvvee. It’s always Summer here so it’s clearly my kind of city! It was humid, but the bearable type. This part of the country is the most traveled to destination in Colombia, and for good reason. The historic city is filled with sites, history, and blue waters.

Isla Baru, is an Island within Cartagena. It was by far one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. You can visit the Island by bus, which is what me and my group did. The water was C L E A R, and the perfect temperature. It was luke warm, which was still refreshing. One of the highlights was getting to ride a jet ski! The locals of the island rent them out, as well as boat rides. We rented one, and it was pretty scary (but exciting) just because I noticed there was no life guard on duty. However, due to an abrupt halt me and my friend fell off the jet ski straight into the Caribbean sea. For a second I feared for my life, until the life jacket pulled me up, and I saw some locals immediately pull up in their boats to check to see if we were okay. So even though there was no official life guard, the people of the island still look out for one another, and that warmed my heart. ❤

This was el Centro Historico. This part of the city is Cartgena’s oldest town. The whole area is surrounded by stones walls, which were built in the 1500s to protect the city. I felt like if I had stepped into colonial Europe! The streets were cobble stone, and each home had a uniquely vibrant color. Being able to tour such a big part of history had me geeking out! We had ice cream on one of the building’s rooftops (at Crepes & Waffles a must when in Colombia) and it felt like a dream.

Those are my top MUST SEE places when visiting Colombia. I’ve had lots of friends ask me about my travel experience here as a foreigner, and I can’t praise this place enough. I left with a new admiration for life. If it isn’t already, Colombia needs to be on your travel bucket list.

Brooklyn, NY

My little California eyes were NOT ready for these NY views! I literally felt like I was strolling through a Jennifer Gardner movie. New York is really as magical as it’s depicted in film.

Dress from Naked Wardrobe// Shirt from Forever 21// Shoes Fenty by Rihanna

Layers can work ANY season! You just have to accommodate to the weather, of course. I turned this simple, black dress into a fun Summer look by just adding an undershirt. The puffy sleeves on the blouse added the right amount of detail.

My Pumas have a been a life saver this Summer! New York is ALL about walking…I walk about 6 miles a day. I don’t know how, but I do LOL. So I needed something comfy but cute to get me through life this Summer. I enjoyed the change in scenery and life style, but I was excited to see Brad soon (my 2016 Toyota Prius lol).<3

Capas funcionan bien entre cada estacion! Solo necessitates que asseguarte que es de acuerdo con el clima. Simplemente anadiendo una blusa bajo este vestido, cambio completamente lo sencillo del vestido. Las mangas de la blusa tenien el detalle perfecto.

Mis Pumas han sido un salva vidas este Verano! Nueva York es purrrrooo caminar…en un tipico dia camino como 6 milas. No se como, pero lo hago JAJA. Entonces neccesitaba algo comodo y lindo para el verano. Me encanto el cambio de vida, pero estoy muy emcionada de poder ver Brad (mi 2016 Toyota prius) ❤ JAJA


Shorts thrifted// Top from H&M// Shaul from Fashion Nova// Purse from Steve Madden

Summer in New York is perfect, but it’s far different from Cali. Fashion Nova recently sent me a few pieces from their swim collection and I was actually sad I wouldn’t be wearing them on California beaches this Summer. BUT then I remembered I’m in the Fashion Capital of the world, so I could definitely be creative and make use of my new goodies 🙂

The shaul is actually a Bikini cover up but it worked well with simple pieces. The shaul has lots of fine detail, with an angelic feel so I wanted everything under to be light + fresh. Be sure to check out the rest of their collection on Fashionnova.com! ❤

El Verano en Nueva York es perfecto, pero es demasiado diferente de California. Recientemente Fashion Nova me mando algunas piezas de su collection swim y estaba un poco triste que no iba estar estrenándolos en las playas de Cali. PERO entonces me recordé que estoy en el capital de la moda, así que necesitaba que ser creativa!

La blusa blanca es un cover up para bikinis pero me encanto como se vio con algo simple. Es muy angélico así que quería el resto del look que fuera fresco y neutral. Vayan a ver el resto de la collection en Fashionnova.com! 🙂


  Sweater and Faux fur jacket from Primark// Pumas by Rihanna// Sweats from Marshals

Happy Monday! Here is a recent NY Winter look, in honor of the upcoming NYFW. I’ve been to New York a few times but I’ve never really shopped there. SHOCKER, but it’s because I always always always prep my looks. I mean heeellloooo, it is the second fashion capital of the world! Everything changed on my last trip when I came across Primark. I found thee cutest, trendy pieces at such a cost efficient price! I was instantly obsessed. Currently hoping they open one on the West Coast *all prayers would be appreciated* hehe. 

I looove faux fur jackets, which is kind of sad because I live in Cali where those are hardly, ever necessary. 😦 I found this bright pink one at Primark for $10! It was a must have for me because it could be worn as a layered piece, or a bold statement for a night look. 

*The skyline views were captured at Top of the Rock in Rockefeller center, a must see in NYC! 

Feliz Lunes! ❤ Aqui tengo un aspecto de NY, en honor de NYFW. A visitado Nueva York algunas veces pero nunca una ha ido de compras allí. Si si es muy sorpriendete pero es que siempre siempre siempre tengo todos mis outfits ya listos. Estoy muy preparada porque Nueva York es unos de los capitals de la moda! Todo cambio cuando encontré la tienda Primark. Encontré las piezas mas lindas y tan baratas! Me enamore. Ojalá abran una en California *todas oraciones están bienvenidas* jaja.

Amooooo faux fur chaquetas, pero es un poco triste porque vivo en California donde nunca son necesarios usar. 😦 Encontré este color Rosita por $10! lo necesitaba que comprar porque puede ser usado de diferentes maneras. Un estilo puede ser como este, con otras chaquetas o con un look de noche.

*Las Vistas de la ciudad fueron capturadas en Top of the rock en Rockefeller center, algo necesario de ver cuando visitas NYC!


Coat from Calvin Klein// Scarf & Boots from Target// Pants from Banana Republic// Purse from Forever 21

Hey upper east siders, lionlizz here. 😉 It’s constant Gossip Girl vibes every time I visit New York! I spent the past week in NYC, I traded in my crop tops for coats and scarves. If I haven’t made it obvious, I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THE .COLD. BUT, I love New York and a shift in my wardrobe. I actually really enjoyed dressing in winter fashion, I love experimenting so it was the perfect chance to play! 

Printed pants and faux fur have become a favorite of mine. It may seem like winter fashion can’t be cute since you have to wear layers to stay warm. BUT incorporating statement accessories and patterns can make all the difference! My fax fur scarf was SO WARM, and added the chic feature to my outfit. I’ve actually worn it in a previous blog post, here. Versatile pieces, such as this one are KEY to having a variety of different looks without having them look the same! 🙂 If it’s winter in NY, I don’t think I mind winter at all anymore. ❤ 

Hey upper east siders, lionlizz aquí. 😉 ¡Siempre me siento como que estoy en Gossip Girl cada vez que visito Nueva York! Pasé la semana pasada en Nueva York, cambié mis blusas por abrigos y bufandas. Si no lo he hecho obvio, NO. ME GUSTA. EL FRÍO. PERO, amo Nueva York y un cambio en mi vestuario. Realmente disfruté vistiéndome en la moda de invierno, ¡Me encanta experimentar, así que era la oportunidad perfecta para jugar!

Los pantalones estampados y la piel sintética se han convertido en mis favoritos accesorios. Puede parecer que la moda de invierno no puede ser linda ya que tienes que usar capas para mantenerte calientita ¡PERO incorporar los accesorios y patrones de declaración puede marcar la diferencia! Mi bufanda estaba MUY CALIENTE, y añadío la característica chic a mi outfit. De hecho, lo he usado en una publicación de blog, aqui. Las piezas versátiles, como esta, son CLAVE para tener una variedad de looks diferentes ¡sin que se vean igual! 🙂 Si es invierno en Nueva York, no creo que ya no me moleste el invierno. ❤



Hey friends, this is gunna be a simple travel guide to New York City. I’m writing this upon request, I L O V E hearing what you would all like to see so always feel free to msg me w/ your requests! These are just some things I have done when I travel that have helped me and customs there that I’ve picked up on (because it is super different from my home in SoCal), so I hope it gives you all some beneficial tips for your future travels to the big apple 🙂 

  1. Expect to fall in love with more than just the city.<3 NYC has a population of about 8 MILLION, your soulmate is bound to be in there somewhere…I know mine was. 🙂 
  2. Have an Itinerary- Be sure to write down the places you want to see so that you do not waste time in the city looking for things to do. It is a BIG time saver! NYC is a majestic city so you will NOT have a problem finding things to do, it’ll be more of a “what to do out of all these amazing things?!” 
  3. Bargain for your ticket- In the few times I have traveled to NYC, I plan months ahead but I play around with the dates to see when it would be cheapest. While looking on Expedia (where I get my tickets) they always offer a “shift your dates for a cheaper option” and I find really good deals. 
  4. Use the Subway or walking as your method of transportation (it’s not scary, it’s actually really fun and entertaining!)– When I rode the Subway for the first time I made the HUGE mistake of holding on to nothing when the train took off, and embarrassingly stumbled, making it super obvious I was not from there haha. Each ride is $3, which will add up, so a $30 week pass is more cost efficient. And of course you can always walk, which is free/fun to be strolling through such a fab city. 
  5. Stay in Manhattan- New York City is made up of 5 boroughs, and Manhattan is essentially central to all the iconic NYC spots. It will just make your trip a whole lot more convenient to be near everything you want to visit, instead of wasting an hour subway ride to get there. 

Myth or Truth 

Before I took my first trip to the city that never sleeps I had lots of ideas on what NYC would be like (according to T.V. and the media). This is my perspective based on my experiences. 

“New Yorkers are rude and will not help you” – MYTH! Some of the kindest people I have met are from NYC. Whenever I was lost or needed to ask a question New Yorkers were always willing to help me. 

“Everyone is FAST”- TRUTH! Everyone there seems to be on a mission haha, everyone walks and they walk FAST. I was so shocked to see the majority of pedestrians’ not paying attention to the stoplights but simply going when the road was clear. I tried to fit in by doing that, buuuuut I almost got hit by a car, so I do not recommend doing that if you are not accustomed to it haha. 

“Everyone is dressed up”- SOMEWHAT TRUE! It all depends on the area you at, but for the most part NYC is filled with many corporate offices and designer stores which means the streets are a runway show. I mean New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world ❤ 😉 PS I take extreme advantage of this, and bust out my flashy attire/fur coats every time I go. 


  1. Carry cash
  2. Utilize the transit feature on Maps (really helps to use the subway system!) 
  3. Pack comfy shoes
  4. Don’t drive
  5. Walk with confidence
  6. Don’t eat at chain restaurants (Try new places!)
  7. Take a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry (Rides right by the Statue of liberty)
  8. Take a stroll through Central Park
  9. Be aware of your surroundings and belongings 
  11. Be open to the many cultures you’ll come across 

Hola queridos, este post es una guía simple para viajar a Nueva York. Estoy escribiendo esto porque recibi una solicitud para hacerlo. Me encanta escuchar lo que a todos les gustaría ver así que siempre siéntase libre de mandarme un mensaje con sus sugerencias! Estas son solo algunas de las cositas que he hecho cuando viajo y que me han ayudado, y las costumbres que aprendí (porque es muy diferente de donde yo vivo en California), Espero que encuentren algunos de estos consejos beneficiosos para tu futuro viaja a la gran manzana 🙂

  1. No solo te vas a enamorar con la cuidad<3 NYC tiene una población alrededor de 8 MILLONES, tu alma gemela está destinada a estar allí en alguna parte…sé que la mía estaba  🙂
  2. Ten un itinerario: asegúrete de escribir los lugares que quieres ver para no perder el tiempo en la ciudad. ¡Es un gran ahorro de tiempo! NYC es una ciudad majestuosa, así que NO tendrás problemas para encontrar cosas que hacer, será más un “como voy a escoger de todas estas cosas increíbles”.
  3. Negociar cuando compres tu boleto: en las veces que he viajado a Nueva York, planifico los meses siguientes pero juego con las fechas para ver cuándo sería más barato. Mientras busco en Expedia (donde obtengo mis boletos) siempre ofrecen un “cambio de fechas para una opción más económica” y encuentro muy buenas ofertas.
  4. Use el subway o caminar como tu medio de transporte (¡no es muy scary, en realidad es muy divertido y entretenido!) – Cuando monté en el subway por primera vez, cometí el ENORME error de no agarrar nada cuando el tren despegó, y casi me cali. Era muy obvio que no era de NY jaja. Cada viaje en el subway cuesta $3, pero vas a ahorrar dinero cuando compras el pase de semana por $30 . Y, por supuesto, siempre puedes caminar, que es gratis/divertido caminar por una ciudad tan fabulosa.
  5. Quédate en Manhattan: la ciudad de Nueva York está compuesta de 5 distritos, y Manhattan es central para todos los lugares mas famosos de Nueva York. Simplemente hará que su viaje sea mucho más conveniente para estar cerca de todo lo que deseas visitar, en lugar de perder una hora en el Subway para llegar allí.

Mito o Verdad

Antes mi primer viaje a la ciudad que nunca duerme, tenía muchas ideas sobre cómo sería NYC (de la tele y los redes sociales). Esta es mi perspectiva basada en mis experiencias.

“lA gente de NY son groseros y no te ayudarán” –¡MITO! Algunas de las personas más amables que he conocido son de Nueva York. Cada vez que estaba perdida o necesitaba ayudada, la gente de allí siempre estaba dispuestos a ayudarme.

“Todos son RÁPIDOS” –¡VERDAD! Todo el mundo parece estar en una misión jaja, todos caminan y caminan RÁPIDO. Estaba tan sorprendido de ver que la mayoría de gente que camina en la calle no presta atención a los senales de trafico, sino que simplemente cruzaban la calle cuando no veían caros. Traté hazer eso, pero casi me pego un caro, así que no te recomiendo que lo hagas si no estás acostumbrada hacerlo, jaja.

“Todos están muy bien vestidos” –¡ALGO VERDADERO! Todo depende del área en la que te encuentre, pero por la mayor parte NYC está llena de muchas oficinas corporativas y tiendas diseñadores, lo que significa que las calles son un runway show, jaja. Nueva York es una de las capitales de la moda del mundo ❤ 😉 


1. Llevar dinero en efectivo
2. Utilice la función de tránsito en Maps (¡realmente ayuda a usar el sistema del subway!)
3. Lleva zapatos cómodos
4. No manejes
5. Camina con confianza
6. No comas en cadenas de restaurantes (¡pruebe nuevos lugares!)
7. Tome un paseo gratis en el Ferry de Staten Island (De all puedes ver la Estatua de Libertad)
8. Caminar por Central Park
10. Estés abierto a las muchas cultura que se encontrarás



Outfit #1: Sweater by Trillfiger// Sweatpants from Target// Shoes from Nike  Outfit #2: Sweat from Miss Guided// Jacket from Forever 21// Shoes from Steve Madden 

Hey sweet friends! Lately I’ve been doing a little but of traveling, and I wanted to share my recent airport looks. I L O V E flying, like I could honestly take a flight to no where and be happy haha. So dressing for this occasion, like any other I like to get creative!

My number ONE tip for airport outfits are, make sure you’re comfortable. Number two, make sure you feel cute! I would just like to clarify that I am a firm believer in the idea that when you look good, you feel good. It all falls in line with the self love and care mentality. Looking “cute” is subject to change based on the person you are, we all have our own versions, which are all equally unique/beautiful in their own way.  

I have been obsessed with the sweats trend! Matching sets or similar pieces that properly hug your body are my fav. I fully take advantage of the opportunity to be trendy while comfy on my flight. I almost always go with sweats for my airport outfits, and since sweats are trending I’m easily able to find cute ones, YAY. 

Hola dulce queridos! Recientemente ha hecho un poco de viajando, así que quise compartir mis looks de aeropuerto. Me ENCANTA volar en aviones! En serio, puedo tomar un avión a ningún lado y estaría completamente feliz jaja. Así que vestirme para esta ocasión como cualquier otro, me gusta ser creativa. 

Mi tip numero uno para looks de aeropuerto es, asegurarte que estés agusto. Numero dos   segurarte que te sientas cute! Solo quiero clarificar que creo firmamente en la idea de que cuando te vistes bien, te sientes bien. Todo está en línea con la mentalidad de amor y cariño a ti mismo.  Lo que es considerado “lindo” es diferente para cade persona, todos tenemos nuestras propias versiones que son todas igualmente únicas y bellas en su propio manera.

¡Ha estado obsesionada con matching sweats! Piezas similares que abrazan correctamente tu cuerpo son mi favorito. Aprovecho al máximo la oportunidad de estar a la moda mientras estar cómoda en mi vuelo. Casi siempre uso sudaderas para mis outfits de aeropuerto, y como los sudores están en la moda, fácilmente puedo encontrar unos lindos, YAY.  


Pants from Charlotte Rousse// Bralette from Pac Sun// Sheer long sleeve from Forever 21// Shoes from Burlington// Purse from Kate Spade

Happy September friends! Technically we still have 14 days of Summer until it’s officially Fall. But that’s okay, I am coming to terms with accepting that cause that means FALL FASHION! YAAAAAY. Even though Summer is my favorite season, I appreciate all season’s wardrobe. 

Here is one of my final Summer looks in New York. I can honestly say that this was one of my comfiest outfits. Sometimes certain outfits bring discomfort and I personally tolerate it because fashion is pain hahah (I’m sure most girls could relate). Buuuut this outfit was cute and not uncomfortable! Since the pants were loose I made the top fitted, loose on loose would’ve worked, but I was going for a “sleek chic” look. The pants had a loooooot going on, so I wanted a simple top but with detail. Anytime I’m wearing statement earrings or I’m wearing a high necked top I like putting my hair up to emphasize those details! I also love incorporating variety into my outfits by doing different hairstyles because your hair really can add or take away from your final look. 

Feliz Septiembre queridos! Técnicamente todavía tenemos 14 días de Verano hasta que es el Otoño. Pero eso esta bien, ya estoy aceptándolo porque eso significa LA MODA DE OTONO! YAAAAY. Aunque el Verano es mi temporada favorita, apprecio la moda de todas las temporadas.  

Este vestuario fue uno de mis últimos looks del Verano, en Nueva York. Honestamente puedo decir que este fue unos de mis vestuarios mas a gustos. Algunas veces estoy incomoda con lo que me pongo pero lo tolero porque la moda es sufrir hahah (se que otras chicas pueden relacionar con migo). Perrrroo este vestuario fue lindo y cómodo! Como los pantalones eran muy sueltos me puse una blusa con mas forma, pero simple con detalles. Cuando tengo una blusa puesta de alto cuello, or aretes siempre me gusta poner mi pelo para arriba para enfatizar esos accesorios. Me encanta incorporar varidad en mis looks, con hacer diferentes peinados porque tu pelo pueda hacer lucir tu vestuario entero. 


Shorts & Top from Zara// Boots from H&M// Purse from Target// Necklace from Forever 21

This look was primarily from the Zara…sale rack 😉 I absolutely love Zara, their quality is amazing and their style is so unique. I do realize that they could be a little over priced, but the sale rack always has great pieces and also a little tip I just recently learned…Zara clothes is cheaper online! Like I have alwaaaaays stressed, you definitely do not need a lot of money to create a L O O K, just a vision and a dash of creativity. 

I adore two pieces this Summer so I decided to combine my own. The top and bottom actually didn’t come together, but the ruffled details made it seem that way. I typically would NOT wear black and especially not in the summer, but the silk trimming of the skirt really spiced up this look. It is allllll about the details! I really enjoyed running around this fabulous city twirling around in this little number. 

Este vestuario era mayormente de Zara…de la secciona de venta 😉 Me encanta Zara porque tienen tan bien calidad y los estilos son únicos. Si entendió que pueden ser un poco caros, pero siempre tienen muy buenas piezas en la secciona de venta! Y también me acabo de enterar que la ropa de Zara es mucho mas barato en el internet. Como siempppppre he dicho, no necesitas MUCHO dinero para vestirte bien, solo una vision y un poco de creatividad. 

Adoro los two pieces este Verano, so decide combinar mi propio. La falda y blusa no vinieron juntos, pero los detalles doblados lo hicieron ver así. Normalmente no me gusta vestirme en mucho negro y especialmente no en el Verano, pero la seda en la falda dio mucho sabor a el look entero. Los detalles en un vestuario son muy importantes!