My Outfit For The Latin American Music Awards

Nothing brings me more joy than having a reason to get all dolled up. So you can imagine my joy when I got invited to the Latin American Music awards! That excitement quickly turned into stress when I realized it was less than a week away. I started to scroll through online shops when I came across, the one. I found it on Oh Polly, they also offer afterpay a great payment option!

The dress’s deep neckline was highlighted by puffed sleeves. It was definitely a dress a Disney Villain would wear, therefore I had to have it. I was a little nervous about ordering it online, I mean how would it fit? My busy school/work schedule left me with no option, so I ordered it. It arrived the day before the show and fit perfectly!

The top of the dress was a statement in itself so my hair had to be pulled back. It also flattered the back of the dress that had a low backline. With my hair pulled back, sparkle statement earrings paired well. My makeup was a soft smokey look, with gloss. I wore it with my vintage Prada handbag, and the look was complete.

The Busy Brow Trend

I remember despising my brows as a child. Being Latina I often struggled with excess hair. While other little girls worried about which pretty, pink bow to tie in their hair, I worried about which part of my face was harriest.

Growing up in the 2000’s with the thin brow trend I often felt out of place. Well it is now 2019 and oh how the beauty world has evolved. Celebrating diversity is a major trend in the teen era. Inclusivity has made its statement in the fashion world and is now entering all avenues of society.

The acceptance of ethnic beauty has made room for representation in film and media. Helping all little girls around the world recognize that just because they are not born blue eyed or blonde, their exotic features still make them human.

Sure it may now have become an obsession with people using a heavy hand stenciling their brows, or resorting to micro needling. Regardless, bushy brows are now a definite trend.

Lets review their growth throughout the 2000s.

2000: The thinner the better


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Let’s begin with the pop queen of the low rise jean era. Christina Aguilera sporting the thin, arched look set the tone for plucked brows. Giving the illusion of barely being there.

2005: “Naturally” thin


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Thin brows were still supreme. Although Angelina Jolie’s brows were clean and fairly structed, the tweezers were not so heavily involved.

In an interview with Hello, eyebrow artist Sherille Riley, explained that “thin brows will actually over expose features and reduce balance to the face.” Phew, I think its safe to say they will not be making a comeback anytime soon.

2010: Bold brows


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Kim Kardashian began to make her debut as the trend setter for the millennial decade and brought her bold brows. One of the first times in the 2000 era where thicker brows had the spotlight. Marking the beginning of their rise to fame.

Christina Aguilera’s 2001 barely-there brow was a fashion mishap entering the teens.

2015: The “on fleek” brow

See the source image

Photo courtesy of @Jamescharles

As social media began to take over the world, so did youtubers. YouTube personalities such as James Charles started the #onfleek trend. Heavy hands on brows were seen everywhere. Society had completely disseminated anything though of thinner, and instead obsessed with replenishing the hair they didn’t have.

2018 (Now): Bushy is beautiful 

See the source image

Photo courtesy of Bianca Calvani

The completely natural, bushy look has now officially become the trend. Instead of over stenciled brows people are now either tattooing, or microneedling hairs onto their face. This is to give the illusion of a natural, wild brow.

According to Dr. Prager in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “Microneedling works by using needles that are longer enough that cause microscopic injuries to the fine blood vessels that are at that level of the hair follicles.”

Yes. This trend has brought on needles.

Image result for lily collins brows

Thanks to stars like Lilly Collins and Cara Delevingne, the tweezed look is far gone. That’s so 2001. 




img_8616Dress from Windsors// Shoes from Macys// Tiara from Charming Charlie

YAY! I was finally able to organize all my birthday photos. I turned 21 last week and I threw a Tea party! Haha. When I was deciding what do to for my birthday my baby sis gave me this super cute idea and from there I made all the decor and planning. I love crafting and I love planning so it was stressful, but the kind I enjoy haha. If that makes any sense? Anyways the day was literally perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better 21st. ❤ 

The majority of the items used to make the decor was from the dollar tree, thrift stores and Target. The lace table cloths were actually curtains from a local thrift store but I layered it with a lavender cloth and it was BEAUTIFUL. The flowers and vases were all from the dollar tree, but I painted the stems silver to give it a little touch. Most of the dishes were my mom’s, she’s super into antiques so YA IT WAS LITERALLY MEANT TO BE FOR ME TO THROW THIS PARTEA 😉 I was still short some tea cups so again, I went to the thrift store and found adorable ones for 50 cents! 

The menu included a salad, chicken soup and olive oil/garlic spaghetti. It was light, but still filling! I also had a beautiful little pastry table (no I definitely did not bake, they’re all from Vons). The flower back board was all hand made, it’s one of my most beautiful creations! I just looked up the basics of making paper flowers and used card stock paper to create all my templates. I saw that people sell these type of backboards for like $200, which is so crazy cause it’s so simple to make! I prefer getting crafty and being cost efficient haha. 

The games included tea party bingo, cards and good ole champagne + conversion with my sweet loved ones! My outfit was a mix of like Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella, I was going for a classy princessy feel haha. Up next VEGGGGAAA$$$$$$$$$$$.

¡HURRA! Finalmente pude organizar todas mis fotos de cumpleaños. Cumplí 21 años la semana pasada y me lanzó una fiesta del té! Jaja. Cuando estaba decidiendo qué hacer para mi cumpleaños mi hermanita me dio esta súper linda idea y desde allí hice toda la decoración y planificación. Me encanta elaborar y me encanta planear por lo que era estresante, pero el tipo que disfruto haha. ¿Si eso tiene algún sentido? De todos modos el día fue literalmente perfecto y no pude haber pedido un mejor 21st. ❤

La mayoría de los artículos usados ​​para hacer la decoración era del dólar tree, tiendas de segunda mano y Target. Los manteles de encaje eran en realidad cortinas de una tienda local de segunda mano, pero los puse con una tela de lavanda y fue precioso. Las flores y los floreros eran todos del dólar tree, pero pinte los tallos de plata para darle un pequeño toque. La mayoría de los platos eran de mi mami, ella es súper en antigüedades así que que era literalmente perfecto para lanzar este PARTEA;) Todavía estaba corto algunas tazas de té, así que de nuevo, fui a la tienda de segunda mano y encontré unos lindo solo por 50 centavos!

El menú incluyo una ensalada, sopa de pollo y aceite de oliva/ajo spaghetti. Era ligero, pero nos lleno! También tuve una preciosa pequeña mesa de pasteles (no los hice, son todos de Vons). ¡El tablero trasero de la flor fue todo hecho a mano, es una de mis creaciones más hermosas! Solo busce los conceptos básicos de la fabricación de flores de papel y garre papel de cartón utilizado para crear todas las flores. Vi que la gente vende este tipo de flores para $200, que es tan loco porque es tan simple de hacer! Prefiero crear y ahorrar dinero haha.

Los juegos incluyeron bingo de té, tarjetas y champagne + conversión con mis amores queridos! Mi vestuario era una combinación de Cinderella y Alice and Wonderland, quería una sensación de princesa jaja. La próxima festividad es VEGGGGAAA$$$$$$$$.

What Liz Likes Lately

Hello friends! These are my current October favorites.

1. Sugar Paper Planner- My days tend to be busy due to work and school and for soooome reason I thought I could keep a mental list of everything I needed to do HAHA. After I read that writing things down reduces your stress, I happily drove myself to Target and picked out this adorable planner! Before each month it has the calendar then the following pages have boxes for each day, which is perfffeeccttt for me. It is now my new best friend (sorry kari). 
2. You Are So Loved ornament- My boyfriend got me this sweet little memento at “Oh Hello Friend” shop. I have it hanging in my room next to other uplifting messages. In times when I’m stressed or feel in despair (midterms week haha) I look up at look at these positive reminders, and I immediately feel at ease. Sometimes we forget the little blessings in our lives and just dwell on the negatives, these little reminders help me stay in the right mindset. 
3. Too Faced Born This Way foundation- It took me foorrreevvverrrr to find a good foundation! My face has a redish undertone, which made it really hard to find a foundation that matched my color. So I am completely obsessed with Born This Way foundation. It’s not too heavy, but you can always build it. It also has coconut oil, and alpine rose so not only does it look nice and dewy but it also feeds your skin!
4. Pink Diva Shades- Okay these shades are HUGE, but I totally love them 🙂 They cover up about half my face so It’s perfect for when I need to run some arens and don’t have time to make myself presentable hahah. They’re also super handy when driving! You know when the sun is blinding you (sunrise & sunset) and you literally can not see, DUN DU DU DUN Diva shades to the rescue!

5. Adrienne Vittadini bag- This adorable little bag was a gift from my aunt Patty, and not only is it ADORABLE it also has a built in charger! So as you’re strolling around town your phone can be charging in your purse *puts on Diva shades haha.

6. Pendent necklace- I need to always be wearing some sort of accessory everytime I leave the house. I just feel weird without one! This little necklace is perfect for everyday wear and has recently been my go to accessory.

Hola amigos/amigas! Estos son mis favoritos productos para el mes de Octubre.

1. Sugar Paper Planner- Mis días normalmente son ocupados por el trabajo y la escuela y por algunnnaaaaa razón pensé que podía mantener una lista mental de todo lo que tenía que hacer HAHA. Después de leer que escribir las cosas reduce el estrés, con mucho gusto fui a Target y escogie este planificador lindo! Antes de cada mes tiene el calendario, y las siguientes páginas tienen cajas para cada día, que es perfffeeccttto para mí. Ahora es mi mejor amiga (lo siento kari).

2. You Are so Loved Ornament-Mi novio me compro este recuerdo  en la tienda “Oh Hello Friend”. Lo tengo colgado en mi cuarto junto con otros mensajes que elevan. En tiempos cuando estoy estresada o me siento en desesperación (como durante exámenes jaja) miro a esos mensajes positivos, y inmediatamente me siento alegre. A veces nos olvidamos de las pequeñas bendiciones en nuestras vidas y solo nos enfocamos en lo  negativo, estos pequeños recuerdos me ayudan a mantener una mente positivia.

3. Too Faced Born This Way foundation-Me tomó tantooooooo para encontrar una buen maquillaje! Mi cara tiene un tono rojizo, y era muy difícil encontrar una maquillaje que cotejaba con el color de mi piel. Así que estoy completamente obsesionado con Born This Way. No es demasiado pesado, pero siempre se puede construirlo. También tiene aceite de coco, y  rosa alpina por lo que no sólo se ve muy bien pero también alimenta de la piel!

4. Diva Shades- Estos lentes son enormes, pero me encantan 🙂 Cubren la mitad de mi cara y es perfecto para cuando tenga que ir a la tienda y no tengo tiempo de hacerme presentable hahah. También son muy útiles cuando estoy manejando! 

5. Adrienne Vittadini Bag- Esta bolsita fue un regalo de mi tía Patty, y no sólo es linda pero tambien tiene incorporado un cargador! Puedes estar en la calle haciendo tus comprasl y tu teléfono se puede estar cargando en tu bolsa. 

6. Collar- Necesito que usar algún tipo de accesorio cada vez salgo de la casa. Me siento rara sin uno! Este pequeño collar es perfecto para el uso diario.

What Liz Likes Lately

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new segment, “What Liz Likes Lately”. Where I will be posting my current favorites every month.

1. Glamour- UGH I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE. I love flipping through the pages, circling hot outfits/hairstyles and articles (It’s like a stress reliever for me, reading and being inspired). I love Glamour because it’s not a gossip magazine, It speaks on top trends, inspirational women and what to expect in fashion for each season.
2. Starbucks- Okay, I’m NOT one for winter, but one plus is that the Salted Caramel Mocha is back! I have no idea why the Pumkpin Spice is given all the glory, the Salted Caramel Mocha is extremely under rated. I don’t really like the mocha in the mix, so I ask for the Salted Caramel part which is just Toffee nut. My brother took an unallowed sip today, and fell in love (he’s super picky!) So trust me when I say IT IS A MUST TRY! You might even end up liking it more than the Pumpkin Spice 😉
3. Burts Bees- This Chapstick is everything. It moisturizes, gives a little shine/color and tastes good! I don’t each my chapstick, but I knooowww you can all relate when I say anything that goes on your lips you can taste! Burts Bees in any flavor is the perfect everyday lip wear.
4. Maybelline Lash Sensational- Mascara is my favorite part of my make up. I don’t typically wear eyeshadow, or eyeliner so  I pack on the mascara! The eyes are the windows to the soul right? So those curtains bettteerrrr be cute haha. Lash sensational is exactly what it says, SENSATIONAL. The brush is thick, but also curved. Having the brush curved is a big thing for me, because it helps sculpt the lashes. It’s not flakey, and the bristles are seperated enough to help prevent clumpiness.
5. Pink Silk Blouse- SILK! It’s such a trend right now, as well as night time wear (lingerie looking dresses/tops). Silk will instantly dress up your outfit and add a touch of elegance.
6. Too Faced Matte Bronzer- I love a good bronzer and definitely one that smells like chocolate. YES, it does smell like chocolate! It’s the perfect shade, mine is in medium/deep, so you can build it to your preference.
7. Formula X Nail polish- I got this nail polish at Sephora in the shade, “Vernis  A Ongles.” They have a great selection of colors and the quality of polish is long lasting.  It’s also the perfect balance of shine and matte.
8.The Giving Key (TGK)- Is an inspiring, LA based jewelry company. They employ the local homeless, and have a positive message written on each piece of jewerly. My key says “Believe” and was given to me on my 19th birthday. It is encouraged to eventually give the key away to someone who needs the message more. This year has been a year of realization for me, I’ve learned a lot about who I am. Each day I believe more in myself, and soon I will pass along my key.
9. Apple watch- UHH DUH, this will be a forever favorite! Given to me on my 20th birthday in New York by one of my dear loved ones. It’s so convinent and cute. It’s synced to my phone, so it basically does everything my phone can.

Hola! Bienvenidos a uno nuevo segmento que se titula, “Lo que le gusta a Liz”. Donde voy a escribir sobre mis favoritos productos cada mes.

1. Glamour- AHH. ME ENCANTA ESTA REVISTA.  Me gusta hojear las pajinas de la revista y circular los trajes, penados, y articulos que me interesan (es como una manera de relevar me de el estrés, ser inspirada por leyendo). Me gusta mucho Glamour, porque no es otra revista de chisme, habla sobre lo que esta en la moda, mujeres de inspiración, y lo que esperar de la modo depediendo del tiempo.

2. Starbucks- Bueno, el invierno no es mi temporada favorito, pero lo que si me gusta es que Starbucks trae para tras el Salted Caramel Mocha! No entiendo porque le ponen tanto atención al Pumkpin Spice, el Salted Caramel Mocha no es apreciado como debe ser. No me gusta con el mocha, so lo pido solo con el Salted Caramel que es básicamente Toffenut. Mi hermano mi robo uno trago de mi bebida y se enamoro ( y eso que es muy delicado con comer!) So créame cuando te digo que lo debes callar! Nunca sabes..alomejor te gustara mas que el Pumpkin Spice 😉

3. Burts Bees- Este lapis de labios es todo para mi. Te hidrata los labios, te da brillo y color, y sabe rico! No me lo como, pero yo se que pueden relacionar con migo cuando digo que cualquier cos que va en tus labios lo puedes callar! En cualquier sabor, Burts Bees es perfecto para todos los dias.

4. Maybelline Lash Sensational- El rimen es mi parte favorito de mi maquillaje. Usualmente no uso delineador, ni sombro so uso muchisimo rimen. Los ojos son las ventanas de la alma, mas vale que sean unas cortinas lindas jaja. Lash Sensational es exactamente lo que dice, SENSACIONAL. El cepillo is grueso, pero tambien es curvado. Tener un cepillo curvado es muy importante para mi, porque eso ayuda esculpir las pestanas. Tampoco es escamoso y las cerdas están separadas suficientemente, para prevenir pestanas aterronadas.

5. Blusa de Seda- SEDA! Esta muy en la moda horita, también el estilo de lencería. La Seda le da elegancia al cualquier vestuario.

6. Too Faced Matte Bronzer- Me encanta un bueno bronceador, y mucho mas si tiene el olor a chocolate. SI! Verdaderamente tiene el olor de chocolate. Es el perfecto sombro, el mío es en medium/deep, so lo puedes aplicar y construir a tu gusto.

7. Formula X Esmalte de unas- Gare este esmalte de unas en Sephora, en el sombro “Vernis  A Ongles.” Tienen una variedad de colores, y dura el esmalte. También tiene un brillo lindo.

8. The Llave de Dar- Es una compañía de joyería en Los Angeles. Le dan trabajo a los que no tienen hogar, y un mensaje de inspiración esta escrito en cada joya. La mia dice “Cree”, lo recibe como un regalo cuando cumple 19 anos. Es alentado que ya que no necesitas el mensaje lo paces a alguien que si lo necesita. Este ano aprende y crece mucho. Cada dia creo mas en mi misma, y pronto no lo necesitara.

9. Apple Watch- OBIO que siempre sera unos de mis accesorios favoritos! Lo recibe como un regalo cuando cumple 20 en Nueva York, de parte de unos de mis seres queridos. Me encanta este relo porque es tan lindo y convinente. Hace básicamente todo lo que hace mi cellular.


I decided to make a blog about how I get my hair so big, since I get so frequently asked about it! I’ve alwaaaaayyss been one for big hair, Bratz dolls defenitely had an influence on me as a child haha. I naturally have a lot of hair, and it wasn’t always cooperative, but as I got older I learned how to manage it. So here are a few tips I’ve picked up on curls & volume. 🙂 
Curling hair
1. Always make sure hair is completely dry, air dried is best. Only because your natural fluff/frizz will come out & it’s less damaging. 
2. Start the curl at the root of your head. This will create volume up top, and once the day goes on the curls WILL fall so this will also help keep curls all day. 
3. Grab smaller sections of hair rather than big sections. Grabbing smaller pieces will create a more effective,bouncy curl.
4. Always use a heat protectant, but do not over use because that could cause oily hair, which causes flat hair. 
5. For big curls a wand works best, a regular curling iron gives soft, beachy waves. 
Creating Volume

1. Go to sleep with hair lifted above your pillow, or in a loose top knot. 
2. Use conditioner only on the very ends of your hair.
3. Create your part on the opposite side of your normal part, this creates instant volume at the crown.
4. Dying your hair definitely has its down sides but there are also benefits! Bleach changes the texture of your hair, and adds body! 
5. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Water is seriously life, and good for literally everything. In this case water hydrates your scalp which prevents breakage and shedding, which means more hair which means vollluummeee! (P.s. The trick is to drink enough water throughout the day, that your pee is clear 🙂
Editing Credits : Tyrone Gilmer 

Do you have this in pink?


   Shirt from Forever 21// Bag from Forever 21// Polaroid camera from Urban Outfitters// Shoes from Vans

So I have an unhealthy obsession with pink right now. But doesn’t it just scream SPRING? By the way no  I will not be wearing these pieces together, haha. But I can not wait to pair these with the perfect outfit! I went shopping last weekend and they have almost everything and anything in pink, so It was pretty difficult to stay away from this color, but I mean why would I want to! 
Blog posts with outfits featuring these accessories will be  up soon 🙂