What to do during Winter in Southern California

Happy Winter!!! In Southern California there’s not much of a seasonal change, but there’s still tons of fun outing options. That’s what I love about the Golden State. We get a little bit of everything. For instance, there’s no snow in the cities, but you can find some if you drive up to the mountains. Which brings me to my first suggestion:

Big Bear

Image result for big bear

This small city is only about an hour from Orange County. It offers skiing, sledding, and snow boarding! It’s actually where I’ll be spending Christmas, my first white Christmas. What’s great about this city is that you can actually just go for the day. Once you’re fed up you can drive off, and head for the beach.

Mission Inn Festival of Lights

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The festival takes place Nov. 29-Dec. 31, in Riverside. It’s a cozy time of year where the Mission Inn is decorated with vibrant lights. There’s food vendors, live music, and tons of sights to see. It’s a trip that will instantly get you in the Christmas spirit. The entire Mission is decorated, and don’t have to pay for the stroll. However, you can take a walk through the museum for $18-$20.

The LA Live Skating Rink

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Located in the heart of Los Angeles is the annual skating rink. It’s essentially the West Coast’s Rockefeller Center. A beautiful Christmas tree is lit up in the center, surrounded by ice. It’s a place where Californians can go to have a winter experience. To experience the magic general admission is just $22, that includes the skate rental.

Hope you babes have a wonderful holiday season!

Holiday Outfit Inspo

It’s the most extra time of the year, party season!

Which mean it’s time for cute, extra sparkly outfits. Each season comes with it’s own style, and this one is one of my favorites. Holiday glam is truly the best part of winter! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite trends, and shops for this season.

Wearing black in the winter is a total statement, but paired with some sparkle. They mesh well together, giving the perfect Holiday look. Black with a touch of sparkle goes from funeral to glam. Other festive colors include, white, gold, red, and silver. That’s the color wheel you want to stick with this season.

Another major trend is anything with over the top sleeves. The 80’s are officially back! Puffy sleeves, and padded shoulders give any dress a chic look. For outfits with dramatic sleeves, a sleek pony tail or hair placed in the back would look best. You need to give the sleeves room to shine.

Blazer dresses are a mood this season. It’s the ultimate power statement. A piece of clothing that was generally associated with men. Welp, now it’s a fashion statement that symbolizes the progress females have made. Fashionably, of course. This year I have seen two piece suits, and blazers worn on the red carpet, and on the streets. It has been one of my favorite trends. One that will definitely be at all the holiday parties.

Here are some dress examples I love:

The perfect little black dress from Oh Polly.

Elegant red dress with perfect puff sleeves from Oh Polly

Balloon sleeve dress from Nasty Gal (They’re currently having a huge sale!)

Champagne dress with fun sleeves from Nasty Gal (They’re currently having a huge sale!)

Dreamy dress from House of CB

Simple dress with perfect detailing from House of CB

Linen blazer dress from House of CB

Stores to shop

  • Oh Polly
  • Asos
  • Nasty Gal
  • Missguided
  • Zara
  • House of CB

Consider using after pay as an option when checking out. It’s a a payment plan offered by most online retailers. You can basically split up the payments, almost like a credit card! Only there’s no interest, and no actual credit card.

Happy shopping babes!

Outfits featuring Zaful

All photos taken by Alana Sitara

Hi loves! I was so excited to partner with Zaful to create this look book. Zaful is an online retailer that has tons of options! I also love that their site is super affordable. As a full time student that works, I can appreciate a good price! You can also get 18% with my discount code LIZ18.

I chose to create simple, everyday looks. One’s that you can either dress up, or down. Versatile pieces have easily become some of my favorite clothing options. The gray tank top has subtle details with the U line cut. That simple detail adds a chic touch. The pink top with the fluffy lining is my favorite! Doesn’t it totally give you Clueless vibes?

Now, my favorite types of shoes for the past couple season have been these white booties. This Summer they were styled with a lot of my skirts, and leading into fall, I didn’t stop! The cowgirl look has been a popular trend that I’m not ready to let go of. I plan on yehawing my way in 2020!

Wedding Dreamboard

Now that I’m engaged, the planning for my dream wedding begins! We have a rough estimated date for a Spring Wedding in 2021. I guess I’ve subconsciously been planning my wedding because all these ideas are just rolling out of me!

I also appreciate all of the wedding inspiration I’ve received from all you! I’m so excited to plan, and share my journey. ❤


Image result for wedding outdoor
City Club Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California #3

Having a Spring wedding would mean that the weather would be perfect. However, since we plan on having it in California, the weather can really be unpredictable. I’m torn between having an outdoor wedding in a garden like venue, or in a skyscraper. The idea of having such a special moment in a setting I can’t control makes me extremely nervous. I’ve heard too many horror stories.

Our venue search starts early next year, so we’ll have a firm decision by then!


Image result for wedding dresses ball gown
Image result for wedding dresses ball gown
Image result for wedding dresses ball gown with veil

I want to be the Cinderella of my own ball. My dream dress is a white ball gown, and a long veil. I want it to embody the magic of fairytales. My mom would prefer I wore a fitted dress, but when I see myself walking down the aisle, it’s in a dress like one of these. A crown would be nice too. 😉


Image result for wedding venue with flowers
Image result for wedding venue with pink flowers
Image result for wedding venue with pink table

I want my wedding to be filled with light. Which would make an outdoor wedding ideal. I like the color scheme of white, and accents of soft colors such as pink, or champagne. Flowers would be the key decorations, being displayed everywhere!


“Will this be when he finally pops the question?” has been a frequent thought of mine all year. Well at least every time a semi romantic moment seemed to arise. My boyfriend, and I had begun talking about marriage a year into our relationship. When you know, you just know. I never really understood that until I met him. One thing I’ve learned while navigating my way into my 20’s is that, dating to just date isn’t all that fun. Your time is valuable, and should be spent with people you truly enjoy. Two years after the magical night we met, and WE’RE ENGAGED!

I met Rodrigo unexpectedly. It was a summer night in New York city. It was the year I turned 21, and on a whim I headed to the big apple with my best friend. I won’t say it was love at first sight when I first saw him, but It was pretty darn close to it. The following years we carried on a bicoastal romance. Falling in love with nothing but each other’s voices.

There were times I was afraid, and the sound of his voice felt like a hug, assuring me that everything was going to be okay. One night I was walking to my car late at night. and he said “call me on face time and face the camera behind you. I’ve got your back.” So when people ask, “Is long distance hard?” with pity in their words, my answer is always, “no it’s pretty amazing.” The fact that someone can make you feel so secure, and so loved, while being so far away. Imagine the feeling when they’re actually near.

On one of my most recent visits to see Rodrigo, he popped the big question! I had a feeling he would ask, but on my last day there he had still not said a n y t h i n g. All hope was lost when he dropped me off at JFK airport. I was about to board my flight, when suddenly the airline clerks began telling me there was an issue with my ticket, and I could not board yet. I was getting nervous. Then miraculously my ticket was fixed, and the airline clerk insisted on escorting me onto my flight. Right when I boarded I felt a tug, and there he was, the love of my life.

“What are you doing here?!” I exclaimed.

“Can I go to back to San Diego with you?” he replied.

“What are you doing here?!” I repeated.

That’s when he got down one knee, in the very thing that has always connected us, airplanes.

The moment he asked me to marry him on Delta flight 961 ❤️

A California Girl’s New York Style Guide

Hello ladies! As you probably know I travel often from California to New York. On my first trip to NYC I was so lost, but ECSTATIC to play with different styles. How I dress on the west coast versus east coast absolutely varies, because for one, New York has seasons. I’ve also noticed I’m much more chic on the east coast, and street style in California. So here’s a little peek inside my head of what goes on when I’m packing my ritual trip to the fashion capital.

For Spring

My favorite time to be in the city! The ice from Winter is melting, but the air is still chilly. Winter is fun if you’re inside but it’s really hard to be stylish when it’s below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea of hell for California girl (me). Spring is perfect for light coats, and layered clothing. A colorful coat can really add a pop of style to your outfit. Sneakers are always a good idea because NYC is all about walking. It’s also a great time to be playful and layer skirts with jackets.

Here are a few outfits I’ve worn during spring:

For Summer

I thought I knew heat, until I experienced summer in New York. The city is filled with tourists, and fumes from transportation, that it can be quite difficult to enjoy a day out. No jackets are necessary because even the nights are hot. It’s the perfect time to bring out dresses, and shorts!

Here are some outfits I’ve worn during Summer:

For Fall

One of the best times of the year is Fall in New York City. It’s when the locals can enjoy a day off in Central Park, and a warm breeze. I also pack long sleeves, and comfortable outfits for exploring the city. Only because Fall time is the best time to be out and about in the big apple!

Here are some outfits I’ve worn in Fall:

For Winter:

I never experienced a Winter until I went to New York. While all the locals knew what to do, and wear, I was lost. My first time I had on a coat that was more cute than warm. It was a big mistake. I quickly learned that layers were going to be my best friend. This time of year is perfect for wearing sweats, and styling them up with a faux fur coat.

Here are some outfits I’ve worn in Winter:

My Outfit For The Latin American Music Awards

Nothing brings me more joy than having a reason to get all dolled up. So you can imagine my joy when I got invited to the Latin American Music awards! That excitement quickly turned into stress when I realized it was less than a week away. I started to scroll through online shops when I came across, the one. I found it on Oh Polly, they also offer afterpay a great payment option!

The dress’s deep neckline was highlighted by puffed sleeves. It was definitely a dress a Disney Villain would wear, therefore I had to have it. I was a little nervous about ordering it online, I mean how would it fit? My busy school/work schedule left me with no option, so I ordered it. It arrived the day before the show and fit perfectly!

The top of the dress was a statement in itself so my hair had to be pulled back. It also flattered the back of the dress that had a low backline. With my hair pulled back, sparkle statement earrings paired well. My makeup was a soft smokey look, with gloss. I wore it with my vintage Prada handbag, and the look was complete.

Why You Should Go Thrift Shopping

Ever since I was a little girl, fashion has quite definitely been one of my passions. I was never good at sports but fashion, that I was good at. As I grew older I began expanding my wardrobe, often venturing to thrift shops to see what I could find. My friends admired my style, but often struggled to find the beauty in thrifting. Here is what I told them:

Your mindset when entering a thrift store should always be that, you’re on a treasure hunt. Your hair must be pulled back because you’re going on an adventure to find vintage gems. I have often found designer pieces at second hand stores. It’s also a place to find trendy items since just like history, fashion always repeats itself. The secret is to be patient, and thoroughly comb through the racks.

In a society where fast everything is everywhere, be patient, and be smart with your resources.

Thrifting is a great way to stop funding fast fashion, and lessen your ecological footprint. By buying recycled clothes you’re actually helping the environment! A new survey found that the average American throws away 81 pounds of clothing in a year. By donating your unwanted items, and buying secondhand we all win.

Some of my favorite items featured in these photos are thrifted:

My favorite thrift stores:

Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, A Second Chance

The Busy Brow Trend

I remember despising my brows as a child. Being Latina I often struggled with excess hair. While other little girls worried about which pretty, pink bow to tie in their hair, I worried about which part of my face was harriest.

Growing up in the 2000’s with the thin brow trend I often felt out of place. Well it is now 2019 and oh how the beauty world has evolved. Celebrating diversity is a major trend in the teen era. Inclusivity has made its statement in the fashion world and is now entering all avenues of society.

The acceptance of ethnic beauty has made room for representation in film and media. Helping all little girls around the world recognize that just because they are not born blue eyed or blonde, their exotic features still make them human.

Sure it may now have become an obsession with people using a heavy hand stenciling their brows, or resorting to micro needling. Regardless, bushy brows are now a definite trend.

Lets review their growth throughout the 2000s.

2000: The thinner the better


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Let’s begin with the pop queen of the low rise jean era. Christina Aguilera sporting the thin, arched look set the tone for plucked brows. Giving the illusion of barely being there.

2005: “Naturally” thin


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Thin brows were still supreme. Although Angelina Jolie’s brows were clean and fairly structed, the tweezers were not so heavily involved.

In an interview with Hello, eyebrow artist Sherille Riley, explained that “thin brows will actually over expose features and reduce balance to the face.” Phew, I think its safe to say they will not be making a comeback anytime soon.

2010: Bold brows


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Kim Kardashian began to make her debut as the trend setter for the millennial decade and brought her bold brows. One of the first times in the 2000 era where thicker brows had the spotlight. Marking the beginning of their rise to fame.

Christina Aguilera’s 2001 barely-there brow was a fashion mishap entering the teens.

2015: The “on fleek” brow

See the source image

Photo courtesy of @Jamescharles

As social media began to take over the world, so did youtubers. YouTube personalities such as James Charles started the #onfleek trend. Heavy hands on brows were seen everywhere. Society had completely disseminated anything though of thinner, and instead obsessed with replenishing the hair they didn’t have.

2018 (Now): Bushy is beautiful 

See the source image

Photo courtesy of Bianca Calvani

The completely natural, bushy look has now officially become the trend. Instead of over stenciled brows people are now either tattooing, or microneedling hairs onto their face. This is to give the illusion of a natural, wild brow.

According to Dr. Prager in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “Microneedling works by using needles that are longer enough that cause microscopic injuries to the fine blood vessels that are at that level of the hair follicles.”

Yes. This trend has brought on needles.

Image result for lily collins brows

Thanks to stars like Lilly Collins and Cara Delevingne, the tweezed look is far gone. That’s so 2001. 

Practicing Self Care

Self care: Any physical, emotional, or mental activity done to promote our health. Also known as self love.

With so many distractions, practicing self care can be near impossible. Up until recent years it wasn’t really something that was widely discussed. As a student balancing several roles, life can get exhausting. I want to put 100% into everything which makes it that much harder. These self care tips have helped me reflect, and meditate on my own well being:

Image result for self care photo
  1. Turn off your phone– It’s hard to relax when your phone is constantly ringing with notifications. I often found myself scrolling on my social media timelines, just to scroll. I wanted to pass my time in a more productive way, so I’ve decided to put a limit on the amount of time I use my phone.
  2. Have Hobbies- Whether it’s reading a book, or scrapbooking, remembering to do what you love is very important. For me it’s taking a warm bath, and reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.
  3. Try something new- It can be exciting when trying a new activity, or visiting an unknown place. Getting out your daily routine can have you feeling refreshed.